1. Use this form to either (a) Suggest a group to save or (b) Record those Yahoo Groups you have already downloaded. The info will be sent to a public spreadsheet. YOUR EMAIL INFO WILL NOT BE SHARED EXCEPT WITH VOLUNTEERS WORKING ON THIS PROJECT
2. Use this form only if you have a small number of groups to suggest or have downloaded. If you have many Groups archived, use this spreadsheet to submit:
3. First check to see if the Group has already been saved:
4. If you are just looking for suggestions for Groups that need saving and want to archive, skip this form and go to straight to Join the Yahoo Group, sign-up, then add your name in the "Claiming" Column.
5. Members only mailing lists can only be saved by members, so if volunteers cannot join the Yahoo Group, you may need to ask current Group members to do the archiving. Instructions here: or
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