Application to Join the Great Lakes Funder Collaboration
The purpose of the Great Lakes Funder Collaboration is to increase the effectiveness of individual and collective funder efforts to protect and improve the quality of the Great Lakes and address issues in the region's communities. The bi-national Collaboration seeks to support the funding community in the complex efforts needed to address these issues. The Collaboration meets annually and accomplishes much of its work through working groups and committees on topics that include nutrient pollution, water infrastructure, and data. Membership benefits include 1) participation in the Collaboration's listserv to learn about meeting invitations and Collaboration news and 2) access to data and information on philanthropy in the Great Lakes.

There is not a membership fee. Funders are encouraged to support the Collaboration through voluntary financial contributions or grants.

The Collaboration welcomes any formal philanthropic grantmaker with an interest in the Great Lakes to consider membership. Individuals, organizations, businesses, and agencies that are not legally recognized as grantmaking entities but award grants totaling more than $10,000 to more than five different nonprofit organizations may be considered. Interested funders should fill out the application below. The Steering Committee will review the application and make decisions on a case-by-case basis, usually within four weeks.

Please note: Members will be listed on the Council of Michigan Foundation's web page about the Great Lakes Funder Collaboration.
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