Foster Application; Southern MD Residents ONLY
Thank you for your interest in participating in our foster program!  Once we receive your application, we will contact you to set up a time for a home visit and interview by one of our Foster Coordinators. Once your application is approved, we will let you know of the requirements we have and help you choose the best fit in an animal to foster temporarily until adoption.  You will be assigned to a Foster Coordinator, who will be your lifeline and advisor while you are caring for our animals.  Please understand that we need foster families that are able to commit to fostering until adoption.  We can’t predict how long an animal will be in your care but we work hard to find the right fit in a new home for every animal.  We will include you in the adoption process.  We welcome you to our team and we hope this experience will be a positive one.
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Reference #1 and contact info (coworkers, neighbors, other rescues/shelters worked with): *
Reference #2 and contact info (coworkers, neighbors, other rescues/shelters worked with): *
Do you agree to foster the animal until he/she is adopted, understanding that only in extreme circumstances we are able to place the dog/cat in a new foster home? **If your answer is “no” please check with us about other volunteer opportunities as there are many ways to help us if fostering won’t be an option.** *
Have you fostered dogs/cats before? If "yes", please tell us with which organization and tell us about your experience. *
Are you allowed to have pets where you live? **If you are renting, please email a copy of your leasing agreement that shows the pet policy. *
List all pets you have owned: Please specify name, animal type, male/female, if they have been spayed or neutered, age, how long you have had them, indoor or outdoor, are their vaccinations current, and where the pet is now and will they be okay with new animals in the home. *
Have you ever surrendered, sold, given away, or abandoned an animal? If yes, please explain. *
Do all family members agree to fostering? *
Do any family members have allergies to animals? *
Do you have experience with socializing/training? *
If there are children, please list their ages and experience with animals:
Do you have screens on your windows? *
Do you have a fenced yard? *
Do you work away from home? If yes, how many hours daily will you be away? *
What age dogs/cats will you foster? (Please select all that apply). *
How many dogs/cats can you foster at one time? *
Are you willing to take care of the dogs/cats if they become ill and help us get them to our vet? *
Are you willing to show dogs/cats in your home to potential adopters (will be by appointment only per your schedule and only approved adopters)? *
Are you able to transport dogs/cats to weekend adoption events and volunteer at the events if your schedule permits? *
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?
I certify by signing this document that I am currently 18 years or older and the information I have provided in this application is true and complete.  I understand and agree that by fostering, I become a volunteer and representative of Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland and must conduct myself in a professional manner (especially on social media) and understand I must represent the organization positively at all times. If I decide I no longer wish to be a representative of the organization, I will promptly notify the Foster Coordinator and work with the Coordinator to return any and all property, as well as ensure that the pet I am fostering is safely transferred to another foster home at the direction of the Foster Coordinator. I also understand that Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland has the right to remove/relinquish a representative or volunteer at any time. I understand that Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland can remove an animal from my care at any time.  I understand that Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland is committed to providing routine veterinary care to every animal prior to adoption.  If there is an emergency of if I think the animal needs medical attention, I will work with the Foster Coordinator first to get an appointment with a contracted veterinarian with Rescue Angels.  Rescue Angels cannot reimburse or cover costs outside of this agreement.  I understand that if I have any issues during my commitment as a foster parent that I will communicate with Rescue Angels and work with them to resolve any issues.  Upon request by a representative of Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland, I will return the foster pet(s) to Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland.  I understand and agree that I make no decisions to transfer the pet to another organization or person and the pet(s) will remain the property of the Rescue Angels of Southern Maryland at all times. I understand and agree that I will not advertise or place the pet in a home without the authorization of Rescue Angels.  All adoption applications and adoption decisions are at the discretion of the Rescue Angels Adoption Coordinators.  I understand and agree that I am only authorized to temporarily foster the pet(s), and if I wish to adopt that pet(s), I must complete an adoption application and go through the adoption process. Please type your initials. *
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