Times Square Street Fair Rule Change: Support Form
Street Fairs, which may be desirable in many neighborhoods, completely overwhelm Times Square.

Street fairs in Times Square create an excessive burden on an already overburdened neighborhood. Near-weekly street closures have caused extreme congestion, hurt local businesses and overwhelmed the area. In defiance of common sense, the part of the City which is the busiest and among the most traffic-congested on weekends has more street fairs than any other.

Street fairs can be positive in many instances and are welcomed and wanted in many neighborhoods. They sometimes benefit worthy non-profits. However, the disproportionately high number of fairs in the Times Square area negatively impacts, rather than benefits, our community.

We applaud the City for seeking a more equitable distribution of street fairs. We think the rules need to be modified in some important ways to reflect the concerns of other neighborhoods and non-profits, but agree that the current system is too driven by a handful of large, for-profit commercial producers, rather than the needs and concerns of neighborhoods. In addition, the Alliance is willing to work with the legitimate neighborhood non-profits affected by potential rule changes to address their needs.

Click here for more details on this plan: http://www.abettertimessquare.org/street-fairs-1/

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