Minecraft Mod Port Request
Use this form to make a request for Modding Legacy to attempt to reach out to old mod developers and obtain permission to port and revive the project. (Hopefully they are still passionate about their projects and will work with us!)

Please submit multiple responses if you have multiple mods you want to request!

Keep in mind that when you submit a request, it does not guarantee that it will be ported. We will simply reach out to the original developer and ask for permission.

Submissions that will get rejected:

* We already know we cannot port due to the author refusing permission or its license
* Already being updated and maintained
* A mod we already ported and is released
* Mods or features is already present is Minecraft
* Mods that have a better replacement or has been forked or remastered
* Super large, super complicated, hacky, etc
* Submission contains little or no information
* Hacked clients, cheats for advantages on servers
* Modern mods that were developed very recently on older versions (It is considered active project)

Submissions that have high chances of consideration:

* Open Source
* License allows distributions and modification
* Author easily contactable to ask for permission
* Size of the mod
* Uniqueness
* Non-dead links (unless you have archive.org link)
* Official sources (Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Forum, CurseForge)

View all of the submissions here:
What is the name of the mod? *
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What version(s) did it support? *
Write the Minecraft versions it supported. (Example: 1.2.5)
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Who created the mod or what team name? *
Who created the mod or what team name?
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Optional: Mod Author(s) Contact Info
If you know of a way that we can contact the original author(s) please put some links here such as social media.
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Link a source or URL to the mod. *
Please find a link to the mod that you are requesting we port. Put any URLs here you think are good. Find old Minecraft Forum posts, mirror sites, youtube videos, etc. If original posts were removed, try using http://web.archive.org/
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Optional: Comments
This is optional, write anything if you have some extra comments like why you want this most ported, why is it your favorite and such.
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