Winter 2019 New Tutor Application
Project SPELL, Students for Progress in Employee Language Learning, is a group of dedicated students who work to support the language goals of UCLA's service employees in the Facilities Management and Housing & Hospitality departments. Tutors work 1-1 with one specific learner throughout the entire quarter, or even year, providing lessons based on the learner's personal goals.

Some learners are just beginning and need to learn the alphabet or basic greetings. Others are advanced and can carry on a full conversation, but need to improve their writing and email skills in order to apply for a promotion or go back to school. Others know how to have short conversations, but have very limited literacy skills. Each learner is unique - in their education background, home language, goals, strengths, and level of English in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Tutors meet with their learners for one hour twice a week, at the learners' work locations, which may be on campus or on the hill. If accepted, you will be paired with a learner, and a tutoring schedule will be provided to you based on the availability you provide in this application. Please have accurate information about your schedule ready since it may be difficult or impossible to make changes after acceptances go out.

Tutors must also attend a required Orientation and weekly training sessions on Mondays at 6:00 PM.

Applications are due Friday of Week 1 (January 11), and decisions will be sent by Monday of Week 2 (January 14).

Questions? Email Program Director Stephanie Youngblood at or
the Student Committee of Project SPELL at

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