Job Listing for Love
This is the job listing exercise from page 143 of The Game of Desire. To make it easier to fill this out, here are some crucial traits you can copy and paste for your frozen five and skills of interest areas:
● Agreeableness
● Shared politics/ religion/ outlook on life
● Emotionally stable - mostly content with no temper, no mood swings
● Securely attached - Not too clingy or not too distant
● High novelty seeker - Likes to do new things
● Supportive/ happy for my good news
● Intelligent
● Physically attractive
● Takes responsibility for self
● Partnership oriented - Enjoys working as a team not as an independent
● Similar interests
● Similar values
● Speaks my love language
● Strong life skills (cooking, cleaning, maintenance, finances, etc…)
● Good parenting skills
● Sexually compatible
● Financially independent/ affluent
● Good sense of humor/ good at connecting with others
● Trustworthy
● Faithful
● Strong leadership skills
● Follows directions / allows others to take the lead
● Compatible with friends and family
● Excellent conflict resolution
● Has good relationships with others
● Speaks my love language
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