West Midlands Combined Authority Area (WMCA) Map of Social Entrepreneurship and Support
UnLtd is looking to collaborate with you to create a map of social entrepreneurs and supporters, initially in the West Midlands Combined Authority area. If you could briefly and concisely complete the following questions this would help us include you in it! We will of course, let you know when it is complete so you can see where and what support is available for social entrepreneurs across the West Midlands.

We will be making this information public (with the exception of your address- this is to enable you to search for people more local to you) so please only share information you are happy to be seen by others who may want to connect, or work with you. If you would like to know more, or get in touch, drop me an e-mail (Louise RE: System Mapping) at coa@unltd.org.uk.
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Please list your name and role, and where appropriate, those of any Co-founders you would like to be shown on the map
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What is your legal structure? *
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Have you received support from UnLtd? *
If you have received financial support through UnLtd, or our partners...
Please specify each award, i.e. Try It, £500, Do It £5,000, Grow It £15,000 regardless of the name of the programme.
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If you are a Social Enterprise, Please list Support Organisations, or Individuals you are connected to. For example ( |Charity Bank= Funder | Impact Hub= Member | xxx= Mentor + their organisation) *
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Please keep this to your primary area of impact, as this will aid the search function on the map and help potential collaborators or interested people to find you.
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