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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in Through the Gate. We've been praying that God would give us the opportunity to minister to women. We're excited to know that you may be one of our future residents!

Through the Gate was established because we believe God can be your refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble. God has been our refuge and strength. We are overwhelmed by the goodness and compassion of God. We've experienced the hope God gives, and we are eager for you to know it too. Our vision is to work beside you as God works in your life to bring beauty out of ashes.

Through the Gate is an 8-month program.

During a resident’s time at Through the Gate they do not work outside the facility, rather each resident participates in various classes daily and also meets with a counselor/mentor every week. These classes are tailored to the specific needs of our residents. A few of the classes that we offer are addiction recovery and relapse prevention, communication skills, economics and GED training, if necessary.

We want to ensure that our residents have every opportunity to be successful when they leave Through the Gate. Many of our residents have not worked for a long time or may have never worked at all, so before we send them out to the job market, we want to help them get ready. During your time at Through the Gate, each resident will be doing job training with our cleaning company, CFC Cleaners. They will be learning how to work on a team and to be self-motivated, how to work with clients and what customer service looks like, budgeting skills, and overall general good work ethic.

We want to send responsible, drug free citizens back into the community. During a resident’s time here, we will work to find mentors and set up a solid accountability system. We offer counseling to each resident and help them re-enter society completely and successfully after they graduate our program.

Please be aware that Through the Gate exists to help women like yourself by giving you the opportunity to learn a new way of living, a more beneficial method of handling problems, and a chance to be completely committed to pleasing God and growing to become more like Christ. Please be aware that the guidelines that have been sent to you are for real, and your decision to come to Through the Gate means that you will willingly submit yourself to operating under the authority of the staff and within the boundaries of the guidelines of the program.

Please feel free to write or email with questions or concerns as you make this decision. We want what is best for you. If Through the Gate is the right decision for you, we will be glad to assist you in your journey to find hope and healing.


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What to expect next:

Upon receiving the Resident Application, it will be reviewed by TTG Staff.
A decision will be made concerning your acceptance or denial into the Through the Gate program.
An acceptance or denial letter will be emailed to you.
If accepted, and you need a copy of your acceptance letter sent to your legal representative or judge, please request and send us their email information and we will sent it.


Steve Covington
Executive Director/ Through the Gate

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