Helios Protocol Community Engagement Airdrop Sign Up Form
Instructions for Entry
From now until September 1st we want you, our community, to help spread the word about the Helios Protocol. To participate, you can do any number of the tasks below:

- Starting a conversation about the Helios Protocol on Twitter, Steemit, Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk Forum, or another popular platform.

- Promote discussion about the Helios Protocol in your own blockchain enthusiast group chats.

- Create a video about the Helios Protocol and post it to Youtube, Vimeo, or another popular video streaming site.

- Be creative and choose your own way to spread the word about the Helios Protocol.

Rewards & Judgment Criteria
The rewards available are:

700x 100 HLS Tokens
500x 1000 HLS Tokens
250x 2500 HLS Tokens

Submissions will be judged on:

- Quality & Creativity
- Reach of the engagement
- Activity in the community
- Knowledge of the project
- Number of tasks completed

Required Registration Info
How did you help to spread the word about the Helios Protocol? *
You can enter multiple lines for more than one task. Don't forget to include links as proof.
Your Discord Username: *
Your Telegram Username: *
Your Ethereum Wallet Address: *
Do not use an exchange account, your tokens will be lost.
Bonus Retweet Contest
Your Twitter Handle:
Optional Survey
Where did you first hear about Helios?
+ One entry per individual

+ We reserve the right to disqualify entries by our own discretion

+ Tweets must be unprotected

+ Registration must be completed by 12:00pm PST (7:00pm UTC) on September 1st, 2018

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