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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Centro Maya. As a volunteer, you can offer vital resources to complete our mission such as fresh enthusiasm, expertise, and hard work. In return, we strive to engage our volunteers in meaningful ways. Our goals for the volunteer program are to build relationships that support our work and to connect needs with resources.

Before you continue, please note that we do not offer any type of economic or in kind retribution to our volunteers as our limited funding does not allow it. If you choose to volunteer with us, you must be able to cover for all the expenses related to your trip and stay, including airfare, housing, alimentation, transportation, medical or emergency fees and/or others. However, we are more than willing to offer guidance to find a place to stay and where to get the best prices to accomodate your budget.

We do not charge any fees to accept volunteers.

-For our Education and Rehabilitation programs, the minimum stay is 3 months and an intermediate-advanced level of Spanish is required.
-For our Labor inclusion program, the minimum stay is one week and a basic level of Spanish is required.

Please fill in the following form to start with the application process. Note that if we believe you might be a good match for us and viceversa, we will be in touch with you shortly and might require for you to send your CV and/or do a videocall before we accept.
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