We, the undersigned:

•We are committed to working to achieve a vision for equality that centers the needs and experiences of LGBTQ young people and other marginalized people within our communities.

•We must address the epidemic of homelessness that is impacting LGBTQ young people, push for appropriate funding and resources for agencies that serve homeless youth, and work to ensure that all youth have a safe home to go to at the end of the day.

•We will continually acknowledge and work to address the ways that structural racism plays into and exacerbates inequality.

•We must each be able to express who we are and present ourselves as we see fit without judgment or limitation. We must each define our own identities and tell our own stories.

•We need to oppose attempts to utilize a claim of religious liberty to deny people equal protection.

•We should be able to form relationships, build families and find love and community without fear of violence or stigma.

•We should families should be respected and treated equally under the law.

•We should be assured access to a quality education, including young people having the information they need to make healthy, informed decisions about sex and relationships.

•We should all be able to make ends meet by preventing workplace discrimination and ensuring access to a living wage, fair workplace policies and benefits such as paid sick leave and affordable health insurance.

•We should all be able to afford to see a health professional when we need care and to not have our age or income be an issue. The services should be culturally competent and provided without judgment.

•We should all be able to move freely through the public spaces of our state without barriers or discrimination and to be able to access public facilities without disrespect or discrimination

•We must address anti-LGBTQ violence and ensure that the voices of the most marginalized in our communities are centered.

•Each person should be able to shape the policies that impact our lives by eliminating barriers and expanding access to opportunities through the improved ability to register and exercise the right to vote.

•We must push back against our country’s broken criminal justice system and immigration.

•Beyond any specific ask for change that comes from a law or regulation or any policy, we are committed to cultural change that challenges systems of oppression and shifts the conversation to one of respect, support and empathy.

•Creating a future for ourselves requires that we each commit to the beauty and power of this vision, as well as to the action and hard work necessary to achieve it.

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