Dominion is polluting Virginia’s rivers and rigging our democracy. Join the movement to put the people back in charge.

As Dominion spends millions to sponsor outdoor events like Riverrock, the company is fighting for a license to keep polluting our most beloved rivers -- the James, the Potomac, and the Elizabeth -- with toxic waste left behind from decades of burning dirty coal at power plants across the commonwealth.

Coal Ash: Dominion’s toxic secret. Last spring, Dominion secretly dumped nearly 30 million gallons of untreated coal ash wastewater into a tributary of the Potomac. Next, Dominion applied for -- and received -- lax permits allowing the company to dump a half billion total gallons of coal ash wastewater into the James River and the Potomac. Coal ash contains high levels of heavy metals like arsenic and lead, threatening life in the river and nearby communities. Yet, Dominion refused to commit to stronger treatment methods and monitoring until weeks of public protest forced the company’s hand. Now, Dominion wants to cut corners by “capping” its already leaky, unlined coal ash pits in place next to our rivers. This would allow toxins to continue leaching into surrounding groundwater and waterways for decades.

Dominion floods our political system with cash and favors (like sending our state’s chief environmental regulator on a golf vacation) and sponsors “green” events like Riverrock. In return, Dominion gets to cut corners and collect profits, while we get left paying the price.

The people are rising. We have marched and taken direct action to force Dominion to face it’s toxic past of covering up the dangers of coal ash in our communities. We will not back down. People in Richmond and all across the Commonwealth are rising up to demand the highest standards for health and our environment.

This May, we will combat Dominion's greenwashing power. We invite your creativity, your ideas, your humor. We will show up at Dominion’s annual greenwashing festival to reveal the dirty truth behind Dominion Power.

RIVERROCK: May 20-22, Browns Island
RALLY: May 21st, 6:30 pm, 5th and Tredegar, across from Brown’s Island in Richmond
MEDIA: #Riverrock #DumpDominion #CoalAsh
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