SV Availability and Task Preferences
Please indicate your availability and any skill/task preferences you have below.

Please note that some time slots include lunch or chai breaks, but you will not be expected to work through them (i.e., don't let that stop you from signing up for those times :) ). Additionally, certain tasks like setting up for sessions will require arriving to the session10-15 minutes ahead of time. Based on your preferences, we will send out task assignments and volunteering schedules. We may not be able to accommodate everyone's task preferences, but we'll do our best and iterate towards a schedule that works for everyone.

Thank you for your service as student volunteers!!

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Please indicate any times that you definitely cannot volunteer (e.g., if you are presenting a paper, participating in the DC, arriving late or leaving early, etc.). You can view the program here:
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When will you be available to SV? We will ensure that hours are divided evenly and fairly among volunteers, but please check these boxes as liberally as possible :) *
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