Edinburgh satellite Abaddon faction neutral coin pre-order form. £6.50 GBP
As illustrated below, this is a faction neutral challenge coin to commemorate the Ingress Abaddon anomaly satellite event to be held in Edinburgh on November 14th 2015. Like the preceding Cardiff and Liverpool Coins this will be a 44mm coin on a shiny metal base. Glow in the dark (GITD) paint will be used on the stags head on the front and incorporated somewhere on the rear. Hopefully the yellow flames but this isn't settled yet as the GITD colours may not be close enough to match.

The Edinburgh coins WILL all be edge numbered and the initial run is to be 150 pieces with a probable 250 limit. I will endeavour to match the same numbers to the same buyers from the Cardiff coins where people want this but this is an AIM, not a guarantee. I'll have to set a cut off date in order to assign numbers to agents so anyone who hasn't expressed an interest on reserving the same number they had on the Cardiff coin by the 1st November will be assigned a random number.

Because of the delay in releasing the Abaddon logo and prototyping requirements to make sure the GITD works I cannot guarantee the coins will be ready in time for the anomaly (14th Nov '15). This is a bit of a headache as I won't know until the last minute so don't know if postage charges will be required but please be prepared for this to be a possibility.

The colours reflect the 'much loved' official logo. The stags head is indicative of what people like me, outside of Scotland, might imagine when thinking of Scotland without thinking of tartan or thistles. The silhouette is of the Edinburgh castle skyline. The phrase "Who possesses this landscape?" is drawn from a poem by Scots poet Norman MacCaig titled "A Man in Assynt". It seems to gel well with the purpose of the event. This phrase can also be seen on the Cannongate wall of the Holyrood Scottish parliament building carved into Bressay sandstone brought from the Shetland Islands.


!!! I DON'T HAVE THE DETAILS FOR SHIPPING RATES YET !!! it will be whatever it costs me for materials + postage. My worry is that they will have to go recorded as I can't replace any lost ones with them being numbered.

Pay on the day: I'l be at the after party. Details TBC
PayPal: rob@allsopp.com PLEASE use the send as a friend option, otherwise PayPal deduct even more.
Google wallet: (UK only I think) roballsoppemail@gmail.com
Cash or jewellery: in a sturdy envelope marked 'not to be opened by Rob's son!' ;-)

If you have any further comments or questions regarding the coin please check out http://bit.ly/UKAnomalyCoins. If you need any further info you can contact me directly via roballsoppemail@gmail.com.

Pre production mock up.
Edinburgh Abaddon coin
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