Senior Care Management Program Application
Welcome! I'm so happy that you decided to apply to my senior care management program. Having the right support while caring for a loved one makes all the difference in both their happiness and yours!

The more information you can provide, the better I will be able to understand your needs, so please be descriptive. This application will take about 10 minutes to complete and there is NO OBLIGATION to enroll in the program.

Please fill out the form below to apply and I will contact you within 24 hours with a response. You'll receive an e-mail from me with answers to your questions and if I think this program would be a good fit for your needs, you will also have the option to book a FREE 15-Minute Senior Care Consultation with me.

All information you submit is confidential and stored securely, according to my privacy policy.

Katherine Housh, RN, BSN
Chronic Wellness Nurse

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