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Select ways you are willing to volunteer with They See Blue in Swing States to flip the solidify Democratic control of the House and the Senate. We recommend up to 3 choices.
(If you haven't done these before, don't worry, we'll train you.)
Postcarding: Write postcards to encourage eligible citizens to REGISTER to vote and to help Get Out the Vote (GOTV) for crucial elections.
Phone banking: Make calls to voters (only Democrats and Independents) to remind them about upcoming elections and ask for their support.
Door to door canvassing or tables at public locations: Knock on doors (only Democrats) to remind them about upcoming elections and drop off literature. Staff tables at public locations to share literature and information. All done via safe-distanced protocols.
Social media warrior/amplifier: Post strategic, informative articles on social media (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram...) to inform people about important issues or counter negative information
Relational organizing: Use established networks to reach out to other South Asians
Other ways in which you can help (but aren't listed above):
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