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This form communicates your options for marriage and pre-marriage coaching. Please complete all questions. Once your form is complete, you will receive confirmation and you will be asked to schedule your first visit, which will be 30-minutes. All subsequent coaching sessions are for 1 hour each week. If you have any questions, please contact us at 

Please understand that the information collected on this form and in every coaching session is confidential. Awaken Love Marriage Ministry & Coaching is a ministry under Team Taylor Ministries (Ronald & Chara Taylor). Bishop Ronald Taylor and Pastor Chara Taylor are licensed and ordained pastors who have been mentoring and coaching in marriage since 2011. Awaken Love Marriage Ministry & Coaching is a biblical based business who uses biblical standards in our practice. The discussion of the bible, God, & Jesus are inevitable in our sessions.

What to expect from Awaken Love Coaching Sessions and leaders: Effective communication tools to help improve the relationship and decrease dysfunction, practical tools to reconnect and establish mental, emotional, and physical attraction to one another, a supply of tools to enhance the romance and spice up the sexual relationship.

What we offer: 12-week session, 8-week sessions, or 6-week sessions. Sessions are designed to walk the couple through communication tools, connection strategies, and sexual relationship betterment. Sessions may need to be extended depending on the couple and the situations that each couple must work through. At the end of the agreed sessions, we will re-evaluate to determine if more sessions are needed immediately or if we should reschedule for check-up sessions in the future.

Payments are due before sessions begin. Payment plans are available.
You have the option of paying one time or weekly for your sessions.

Payments and Fees:
Awaken Love Marriage Ministry Coaching is a service that requires payment. Payments are due at the time of service unless otherwise stated between client and Awaken Love. All fees must be paid before sessions begin in order to continue to receive services. Current fees are $75 per session/hour. Fees are subject to change. Packages are as follows: 12-week sessions for a total of $850.00. 8-week sessions are $600.00. 6-week sessions for a total of $450.00. $75 cancellation fee applies to sessions cancelled the same day. Clients are invoiced total of agreed sessions. Payments are accepted through Paypal or Zelle.

In case of emergencies, clients can work with Awaken Love Marriage Coaches to schedule make up sessions. This is only for emergencies determined by Awaken Love Marriage Ministry.

Click here to schedule your consultant:

Use one of the following methods to make $50 payment for initial consultation: 

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Awaken Love Marriage Ministry & Coaching is a biblical based business where the topic and discussion of the Bible, God, & Jesus are inevitable. Do you understand and accept that we will discuss faith, but we will not force you to convert or make a faith decision? However, all of our principles and tools come from the Holy Scriptures. *
You understand that there is a $50 cancellation charge for all sessions that are canceled on the day of our scheduled meeting. The charge will be added to your card on file. *
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