E.M. Tippetts Book Designs Formatting Submission Form
If you merely want to click through the form to see all of the formatting options available, feel free. We don't get pinged on our end unless you click "Submit" on the last page.

Before you fill out this form, please ensure:

- you have the ebook cover (or a low-res version of your paperback cover if we aren't formatting an ebook) If your cover is not complete, please wait until it is before submitting to us. We need to see the cover so that we can create an interior and ebook that coordinate and use the same or similar design elements.

- your manuscript is prepped according to our guidelines (http://emtippettsbookdesigns.com/manuscript-prep/)

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Formatting package
If your book is more than 35 chapters, there is a nominal fee of $1 per format per additional chapter. So if you are having us do both the ebook and paperback, add $2.00 to the price for each chapter over 35.
Release Date
Leave blank if the book is already out or no date is set.
Cover information
If you know the fonts used on your cover, please enter them below. Otherwise, please enter your cover designer's name and email address.
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