Community Survey
LLA wants to hear from you. How are you? How can we help during this chaotic time? Please share your thoughts and we will endeavor to shape upcoming programs and communications with your answers in mind.
How are you doing and what is helping you stay focused on your writing?
We have introduced 1-hour webinars while we stay safe at home. What genres of writing do you most want our webinars to cover? (check all that apply)
What specific topics would you most enjoy learning about during a webinar? (check all that apply)
Other than 1-hour webinars, what online educational programming would you like to see LLA offer? (check all that apply)
What other types of programming would you like to see? (check all that apply)
LLA is run by a part-time director and volunteer board. We rely on volunteers to help keep our programs available and affordable. Would you be interested in virtually volunteering with LLA?
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If you answered yes to volunteering, please indicated the way in which you'd like to help. If you answered no, please skip to the end. (check all that apply)
Please share your email address if you would like to volunteer
What other suggestions do you have?
If you have taken an LLA webinar, which one did you take?
What did you like about the workshop/s?
What did you not like about the workshops?
Do you think you'll take another LLA webinar?
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Thank you!
Thank you for filling out this survey. We will update you regularly through social media, newsletters, and on our website as we adapt to the new COVID-19 normal.
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