3242 W Armitage Artist Studio Application!
Thanks for your interest in working from 3242 W Armitage! In the month of July 2018, the storefront exhibition and work space will be transitioning from "Hume Chicago" to a new space, run collaboratively by its studiomates. (Hopefully you among them!)

We are a shared studio workspace with a storefront exhibition area. We're looking for chill, inspiring, respectful studio-mates to join our community, and have a hand in the next iteration of the space. Below is the information for Hume's current studio rentals. The future of the space, from August 1st onward (including the size and number of the studios, the rent, and the frequency of exhibitions/programming) will be decided by its new members. If you're interested in shaping the future of a community studio/art space with a strong history and a homey vibe, apply below.

~HUME STUDIO INFO (Through July 31st)~

Move-in date first of the month. Rent $175/month plus utilities (usually $15).

We offer: a 50 square foot personal workspace in a shared approx. 1000ft Logan Square/Humboldt Park storefront artist-run community spot.

We boast: 24 hr access, the fastest internet money can buy (from AT&T), a shared computer with Adobe CS, lots of basement storage, a bathroom, good eats and drink all up & down the block (Armitage & Kedzie), and our company.

You are: a handsome and just human being with an interest in community-building and art-making. You do not mind music being played or friendships being forged. You also enjoy welcoming community into your space for readings, gatherings, art-openings, and the like (at least twice a month). You may even be interested in helping out at events or hosting workshops! We hope so.

We are: an artist-led, community-supported project space focused on serving the Logan Square/Humboldt Park communities through dynamic, accessible arts programming. We aim to foster an inclusive, creative environment in which emerging Chicago artists and their neighbors can commune and engage. We feature frequently rotating exhibitions by artists whose identities have historically been marginalized by commercial galleries. We also hold public events including game and movie nights, workshops, artist talks, opening celebrations, etc. Each workspace is clearly marked as separate space, but Hume's floorplan is open. While our events are staffed with volunteers and our visitors have historically been very respectful of studio spaces, keep in mind that storage of artwork, materials, tools, and technology is at your own risk.

We are constantly working toward being a safer space in which oppressive or harmful behavior is not welcome. As such, if you have been named by a survivor as a rapist or abuser, you are not welcome in our community space.

If it sounds like a good fit, get in touch ASAP!
Jazmin Dua *
773-953-6502 *
Do you have a portfolio website? What is it? *
Describe your studio practice. *
Describe your studio practice. *
Are you cool with paying a rent of $175 plus utilities the second-to-last day of each month, as well as a one-time $100 move-in deposit? *
Rent is collected via the online payment app Venmo. If the up-front $100 deposit is too steep for you to pay all at once, let us know in "Other" and we can discuss payment in installments.
Are you interested in attending, helping out, or leading any programming at Hume? *
Hume hosts a lot of cool events. Would you come to them? Would you be interested in manning the door/snack table? We also already hold a frequent, low-key figure drawing meet up. Do you have a workshop or group you'd like to propose?
Do you prefer to work with music/podcasts, or in a quiet space? *
Hume currently has a computer and speakers set up for anyone to use.
Are you comfortable inviting the community into your studio space during our public programming? *
Hume holds exhibition openings, performances and readings by visiting artists, and sometimes musical events in our shared space. We've found that this brings a lot of community exposure to the artists whose studios are displaying their work, but it also means your space would often be accessible to the public—sometimes without you present.
Are you down with being—and working on continuing to be—a decent human being? *
Hume is a queer, feminist, antiracist space that respects the guidelines outlined in FASN's Pistachio-level safer space description: Oppressive or harmful behavior is not welcome in this space. Oppressive behavior includes any action that perpetuates racism, misogyny, heterosexism, transphobia and other systemic oppressions through antagonism, silencing, intimidation, or coercion. Harmful behavior includes harassment, violence, and violation of consent.
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