3rd Quarter Vocabulary Test - 2019
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1. Which of the following was a war fought for American Independence? *
2. Which of the following is a group of lawmakers in England that used to tax the American colonies? *
3. People who were opposed to or did not support the U.S. Constitution *
4. Document that created a process for a territory to become a state. *
5. Farmers in western Pennsylvania rebelled to protest the whisky tax during the? *
6. The men who created America are sometimes called which of the following? *
7. The opening paragraph to the United States Constitution is called? *
8. Essays written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay to convince people to ratify the constitution were called? *
9. Government in which people elect other people to represent them? *
10. Amendment that includes basic American Freedoms such as Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion *
11. Group of people who advise the president? *
12. Policies for troubles with other countries *
13. British tax on many items such as glass, led, paper, paint, tea, etc *
14. The first 10 amendment of the Constitution *
15. Someone who was loyal to England during the American Revolution *
16. The transition from making things by hand to making things using machines *
17. Event before the American Revolution in which colonists were killed *
18. Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine to encourage people to become patriots. *
19. A word that means "to approve" as in 9 of the 13 states needed to _______ the Constitution. *
20. The British used which laws below to control trade? *
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