2019-20 Team Prodigy Elite Application
We will be accepting between 24-30 Wrestlers for the Team Prodigy Elite this winter.

Final Application Deadline: Sunday, October 13th at 12 pm
Latest Notification concerning Team Prodigy Elite by Friday, October 19th (Notifications will be as soon as possible upon receipt of application)

Any wrestler not accepted into the program is invited to train with our Prodigy Training Program. Wrestlers will be selected based on accomplishments, experience, work ethic, and maturity.
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Commitment *
Wrestlers are expected to attend all Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday night training sessions. Consideration will be made for wrestlers who are driving long distances. Can your wrestler consistently attend the 3 expected nights each week?
If No...
If the answer is no, what specific nights during the week can you commit to? What is your reason(s) for not being able to attend?
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Team Prodigy *
My wrestler will wrestle under the Prodigy Wrestling Academy name at events, especially at all OAC and OH-WAY events. We always recognize the wrestler's home schools as their primary wrestling home.
Accomplishments *
Please list your wrestlers 3 biggest accomplishments over the last 2 seasons (MVKWA/OAC/OHWAY/National) placements and qualifications. Examples: 2015-1st, 2014-7th, 2013-SQ (State Qualifier but did not place), or Not applicable (has never wrestled in qualifiers).
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Consequences Agreement *
I understand and agree that if my wrestler does not fill the commitment requirements (mandatory attendance, etc.) of Team Prodigy Elite or is not training to the level expected (goofing around or slacking off), consequences may be issued such as asking a wrestler to leave practice, extra conditioning, or being placed into the Developmental program. Before removal from Team Prodigy Elite, the coaches will communicate their concerns with parents in order to try to fix any problems.
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