Double Tap: CS:GO 2v2 Championship
We hope everyone has had a good new year and exam season! We are back with a new Counter Strike tournament!

It's time to buddy up and take part in our epic CS:GO 2v2 Tournament, Double Tap! Find yourself a partner and show your skills for sick prizes provided by Overclockers UK and ASUS ROG!

The tournament will take place from the 19th to 24th of February, with the semis and grand finals being held at LAN at our February social. Details on that coming soon...

Unfortunately this tournament is only open to student members.

Duo or Solo?

You can sign up here as a duo or solo. If you have a partner, then sign up as a Duo and you can both sign up right now!

If you don't have a partner, sign up as a solo and we'll match you up with one. With that being said we do encourage finding a partner to sign up with.

The tournament is open to all skill levels, we're sure you'll have fun regardless of your ability!

Prizes will be revealed soon, keep an eye out!
Games will all take place using the 'retake' gamemode! Retake is a custom gamemode that replicates a bomb planted retake scenario, with terrorists defending a bombsite from retaking counter-terrorists.

The active duty map pool will be used, with preliminary games being best of 1 and the finals being best of 3. The 'home' teams (you'll be told who this is) will get the first veto when picking a map.

The tournament format will be announced after signups have closed.

Signups will close at 20:00 on Monday 8th February
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