UHS PTO Enrichment Project Request (2018-2019)
​Special ​Projects Policy Update for 2018-19:

Due to unused Enrichment Projects funds from 2017-18 that rolled over to the 2018-19 school year, the UHS PTO invites student run clubs and all UHS club or athletic team booster groups to apply for a one time Special Projects grant for a single project that costs approx.$3,000 as a minimum.

*UHS STAFF APPLICANTS do not have a minimum cost requirement for their projects.

This special invite for clubs and UHS to apply for a UHS PTO Special Projects grant is for 2018-19 only, and is not guaranteed in future years.

UHS PTO Enrichment Projects requests WILL NOT be accepted for the following:

Operational expenses (including maintenance)

Fundraising/Donation requests

Field trips


Personal equipment for an individual participant: i.e helmets, hockey sticks, musical instruments.

Bundled projects: multiple small projects combined to meet the $3,000 minimum requirement.

Please note: The selection of grants that go to the PTO membership for a vote are at the sole discretion of the UHS PTO Executive Board. Special Projects requests will be voted on by the PTO membership at the November UHS PTO meeting.

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List sources/vendors compared as well as pricing for each: *
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Is this an item that the District Administration is purchasing/could purchase? *
Is this an item that the District Administration is purchasing/could purchase? *
Has this item been requested previously from other organizations and groups? *
If yes, when and from whom?
If this is a TECHNOLOGY item, have you contacted the UHS Tech Support Department or the District’s Technology Department, or both, to discuss this potential purchase and received approval? *
Thank You
Please note PTO funds dispersed for an approved project may only be spent on that specific project. Any approved project funds not spent on a project revert to the general PTO fund for future use.

If there are further questions, please feel free to contact:

Lisa Tascione
PTO Projects Coordinator

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