Linux Plumbers Conference 2019 Feedback
Thank you for participating in our event. We hope you had as much fun attending as we did organizing it.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving our logistics and content. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous unless you indicate you want to be contacted).
How satisfied were you with the event? *
Waste of time
Very useful and enjoyable
Was it useful to co-locate Linux Plumbers with the Kernel Summit track? *
Not much interaction
Very helpful
Was it useful to co-locate Linux Plumbers with the Networking Summit?
Not much interaction
Very Helpful
Did the schedule reflect what was talked about in the sessions? *
Did not match
Very Accurate
Is the venue size right for Linux Plumbers conference? *
Prefer smaller venues, with limited attendance.
Prefer more be able to attend and/or co-located with other events.
Were the rooms appropriate for effective discussion? *
Unable to hear
Able to follow discussion
Did the discussions you participated in at the event help to resolve problems? *
Not useful
Very much
Were the written etherpad summaries of the miniconfs you participated in helpful? *
Were the presentations (when used) educational? *
Not very useful
Very helpful
How do you plan to use the recorded videos? *
Number of attendees: *
Too many, not able to have effective conversations
Would prefer more to be able to attend
How satisfied were you with the logistics? *
1 = Very disatisfied 5 = Very satisfied
Communication: emails from committee
Communication: online schedule able to navigate to talks you wanted to attend?
Communication: if author, were you able to enter proposal effectively in system?
Communication: if miniconf lead, were you able to describe miniconf effectively?
Venue: Locally adjusted starting time (10am)
Venue: Hacking and conversation spaces
Venue: Power plug access
Venue: Wireless
Venue: AV support (microphones, projectors, etc.)
Venue: On-site catering
Events: Monday Reception at Hotel
Events: Closing Keynote
Events: Wednesday Event at CCB
Accomodation: Convenient to conference venue
Accomodation: Able to use negotiated rates
Accommodation: interesting location
Which sessions did you find most relevant? *
Not relevant
Very relevant
Did not attend
Linux Plumbers Refereed track
Kernel Summit track
Networking Summit track
Distribution Kernels MC
Tracing MC
You, Me and IoT MC
Scheduler MC
Open Printing MC
Testing and Fuzzing MC
Toolchains MC
Containers and Checkpoint/Restore MC
Android MC
Power Management and Thermal Control MC
Databases MC
Real Time MC
System Boot and Security MC
Live Patching MC
BOFs Track
Hallway Track
Would you like to have a BOFs track as part of next year's event? *
Would you like to see us continue to alternate location between Europe and North America when feasible? *
What were your key take aways from this event?
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What one thing would you like to see changed?
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Which conference would you like to see Plumbers co-located with in future?
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Any additional comments regarding the sessions or overall agenda?
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Any overall feedback for the event or suggestions for improving next year?
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