Special Olympics Virginia Young Professionals Board - NOVA Chapter: Member Application 2019-2020 Term
Thank you for your interest in joining the Special Olympics Virginia Young Professionals Board for our 2019-2020 term!

Please review the membership requirements before submitting your application (found at http://specialolympicsva.org/who-we-are/young-professionals-board). The deadline to apply is June 30.

We will follow-up with you once your application is submitted to set up a 15 minute phone interview. After your interview, you can expect to hear from us on or around July 15. The first quarter meeting of the new term is Thursday, August 1 at Special Olympics Virginia's NOVA office in Fairfax.

We look forward to connecting with you! Questions? Please email Nicole Kratzer at nkratzer@specialolympicsva.org or call at (571) 748-6651.

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