So, you wanna be a magical girl?
Welcome to the MGP-MGS "So you wanna be a magical girl?" Application! I want MGP-MGS to be an all inclusive webcomic featuring different characters from week to week! I made this form so I can have an easy to locate reference sheet of who wouldn't mind being included in my comic. Mostly I'll be passing this around to my friends, but if you don't know me personally thats okay too!

Magical hero's of all genders can submit to this google form, but please keep in mind, cis men are almost definitely not going to be featured in the comic.

Please keep in mind, by filling this form out and hitting submit, you agree to be that there is a chance you will be featured in the webcomic mgp-mgs, which will be both visible online and in print. You also agree that I may make some changes to your suggestions / preferences as the creator of this comic. You also agree that there is a chance your likeness will not be used!

Don't hesitate to email me at with any questions or concerns!


What is your name? *
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What is your email address? *
This is only really required if I don't know you personally, so I can get in contact with you if I have any questions.
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What do you look like? *
Please include photo reference or doodle reference if possible!
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What would your Magical Girl / Super hero name be? *
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What would your Magical Girl Twitter handle be? *
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What are your pronouns?
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What would your costume look like? (Please provide pre-existing photo reference if possible) *
Pre-existing photo reference can be of superhero's that exist already or magical girls that exist already . Feel free to link to a costume but then request color choices / etc etc
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Would you like to be featured in a problem or a solution? *
Do you have any idea or request for your problem / solution?
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Would you like me to link back to you in the comic?
If yes, please submit a link to the social media account of your choice (twitter / art blog / portfolio site etc)
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Any additional comments?
If you have any ideas of comics you WOULDN'T want to be featured in, or if you have any personal preferences / issues you think I should be aware of, leave them here!
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