Educators Rising Kansas 2019-20 State Officer Application
To submit a complete application, you will need the following:
One teacher recommendation letter

Application due: Monday April 29, 2019

Officer Requirements:
To be considered for a state officer position with Educators Rising Kansas, a candidate shall:
Must attend an accredited Kansas University or High School
- Collegiate students may apply their Freshman year in college and serve in their sophomore year as a collegiate student.
- High school students may apply sophomore, junior and senior year.
Must have an affiliated Educators Rising Account
Be recommended by the chapter and endorsed by his/her local chapter teacher leader
File an official application with the state office before the determined deadline (April 29th, 2019)
Have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher
Demonstration of leadership
Be available to attend State Officer Meetings
Attend State Officer training
Be in good standing with the school with no disciplinary issues at any level
Provide your own transportation to all Educators Rising Kansas events

- The voting of state officers will take place by the student Ambassadors online May 1-3rd.
- Officers will be announced on Sunday May 5th.
- The state officer team shall consist of no less than four members and should be a combination of four or more of the following positions:
Vice President
Promotions and Branding

The state officers, appointed teacher leaders from recognized chapters and appointed Institutions of Higher Education Partners and the State Coordinator will constitute the Executive Council of the Educators Rising Kansas.
All officer positions will be filled according to qualifications, experience, and recommendations from State Advisory Board.
Term of office will begin July 1 and continue until after the conclusion of the National Conference the following year, June 30th.

*National Conference Occurs in June
Current state Ambassadors are expected to assist in the transition of the newly elected state officer team.
If there are no candidates for an office, students will be appointed at the discretion of the State Advisory Board.

Please note that all state officers must provide their own transportation to/from Educators Rising Kansas events.

All questions may be directed to the Shelley Staples at

Please read all instructions before filling out the application(s).

*Respond to each question before moving forward. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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