We represent SINTEZ is a blockchain platform for the global digital economy.
Before Pre-sale: 1 week

Our project is a unique solution that includes 2 key know-how:

1. The digital currency COIN, which is completely decentralized and, by virtue of its technology, always remains as stable and liquid as possible. Intended to be used as money for the exchange of goods or services in day to day situations rather than an asset that can sharply increase or decrease in value in value such as Bitcoin and its relatives. As an investor, you could also view Coin as a stable fund, in other words, if you think Bitcoin is about to take a sharp decline, you could protect your investment with Coin.

2. Smart Investing is a component of SINTEZ, which allows (unlike existing and emerging platforms) to flexibly and accurately identify the needs of the investor and most effectively implement without having to choose the strategies and managers yourself! It also will be interested for traders (private, management companies, funds, banks) to attract capital to management. Smart Investing implies the creation of a market for professional management services.

In the near future, public presentation of the project and the holding of the ICO are planned.
Description of SINT tokens, assessment of their growth, benefits of investors and ICO conditions - http://sintez.global/ico/
Now we are starting a closed round (Pre-Sale), with the possibility of buying our tokens on exclusive terms - 100% bonus to the price of the main stage (max goal – 500ETH). We decided to invite you to participate it!

Interested? Please fill this SINTEZ Platform PreSale Form

We invite you to partner cooperation - we plan to integrate with a wide range of projects and create ecosystem of SINTEZ.
We invite financial, legal and technical advisors for our team. For this is provided for the allocation of 3% of the collected funds. Concrete terms upon agreement.

We consider your suggestions and wishes.

Our site - https://sintez.global
The presentation and the whitepaper are attached here:
Whitepaper ENG - https://sintez.global/sintez_whitepaper_eng.pdf
Presentation ENG - https://sintez.global/sintez_presentation_eng.pdf

Please, see. If there are questions - do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards, the founders of SINTEZ.
Bakulin Roman.
Turyev Roman.
SINTEZ Platform PreSale Form
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