USofCC Bargaining Feedback Survey
At the last bargaining session on Wednesday March 16, the administration made a counter-offer on salaries and benefits consisting of:
1) 2% salary increase for all full-time AND part-time staff in the bargaining unit, retroactive to February 1, 2016;
2) 1% salary increase for all full-time and part-time staff for Year 2 of the contract (2016-2017), effective Sept. 1, 2016;
3) No increases to health benefits costs for employees in calendar year 2017;
4) Re-opener (back to negotiations) on both salaries and benefits for Year 3 of the contract (2017-2018).

What does that mean? The median salary for positions in the bargaining unit is $45,000. So half of us will get a raise of $900/year or less; that’s $37.50 per paycheck, minus taxes. The additional 1% in September is an additional $450/year (or less); that’s $18.75/paycheck, minus taxes.

Given that our initial proposal to the administration was 5% per year, the bargaining team feels like we have an obligation to keep fighting. But, we want to know how you feel. What should we be fighting for?

Fill out our short survey to respond.

Do you think we should accept this proposal or fight for more?
If we fight for more, what would you propose?
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In order to get what we are fighting for, what would you be willing to do? (check all that apply)
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