FARM Token Whitelisting Form
Thanks for your interest in the FARM token Pre-Sale. This form will help us get to know you better.
About FARM token and Pre-Sale
The FARM tokens (Gold and Silver tokens) are issued by the FARM Group. The Objective of the FARM Token foundation is to seek and partner with innovative food companies every year and provide them the needed resources to grow and expand into new markets.

Due to overwhelming response, we need to determine how to allocate the tokens of our PreSale This is the application for the FARM token Presale.

White-listing process
1) Complete form ( max 5 minutes)
2) Wait for FARM team to review your application.
3) Receive application decision by email.
4) Participate in Pre-Sale during the Pre-sale period( announced on website)
FARM Token Pre-Sale Whitelist Form
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( If both of you participate in our presale and purchase tokens then each of you will receive an additional 20% bonus irrespective of the tokens purchased)
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Please share your feedback on this application and our project. All comments are welcome.
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