FRC Sunday School Survey
Leading our children to Jesus is one of our #1 jobs. We want to provide the best education possible during this crazy time. Our numbers are declining in Sunday School and we would like to turn those numbers around so we can meet the needs of our FRC family. This survey is completely anonymous.
How many children do you have that are Sunday School aged? *
What age categories are your children? *
2. Do your children attended Sunday School at FRC? *
If your children do not attend Sunday School at FRC, why not? (This is anonymous survey so please be truthful)
If your children do attend Sunday School at FRC, what could we do to make it better? (This is anonymous survey so please be truthful)
What else could FRC do to help you raise your children as Christians? Please feel free to offer any additional suggestions in the text box provided. You may choose more than one answer
Are you wanting a Christmas Program in December 2020? *
If yes, are you committed to making as many practices as possible?
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Is there anything else that is not addressed in this survey that you would like to add?
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