Featured Voice Application (Up to 50% off remaining registration options if needed)
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Want to be one of the leaders presenting their ground-breaking skills, ideas and solutions in The Global Summit V (live and live-streamed from the Museum of Earth Sciences, Rio, Aug 24-26)?

To understand the program, read www.theglobalsummit.org & watch 2014 video: http://bit.ly/2aOvUKj.

Along with discounted entrance to reception and three day Summit, selected “Featured Voices” receive:
* Opportunity to have video of presented sessions (live-streamed globally if in SEED Change AM/PM)
* Social Media cross-linking and welcome announcements on Facebook, and twitter
* YouTube Video of featured voice presentation / participation in panel session(s)
* Featured Bio listing on website with links to URL and social networks of choice
* Opportunities to have affilated org/biz Logo & link on TheGlobalSummit.org

Deadline? Applications are selected upon receipt until spaces are filled. First come, first served!
Other questions, email: voices@theglobalsummit.org / WhatsApp / Mobile: + 55 (21) 9-6936-3915

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EXAMPLE: "Protection of natural resources - New policies to level the playing field between people and corporations."
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Does leader represent any particular Partner In Empowerment Sector?
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Which session of 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) would this best fit?
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