Academic Merit and Engagement Scholarship Application
Academic Merit and Engagement Scholarship

UNH GSSP is committed to helping you achieve your career goals by offering scholarships to outstanding students. The Academic Merit and Engagement Scholarship is awarded to a select number of outstanding undergraduate students in both the English and academic stage.


Scholarships will be credited to your GSSP account and will be applied towards tuition fees only. The number and value of scholarships awarded each year will vary based on the number of quality applicants received and the funds available.

Please review scholarship edibility requirements, conditions and selection criteria before submitting an application. You may review them here:

**********UPDATE: Students must attach a letter of recommendation from a professor, employer or advisor in order to be considered.

Application Deadline
Deadline for Summer submissions: February 25th

Notification of results

The scholarship panel will then review applications and invite candidates in for a brief interview. Once a decision has been made, UNH GSSP will announce the recipients of the scholarship. The recipients will be notified by email and are required to submit a statement and professional photo taken by UNH GSSP. A formal announcement will be posted on the GSSP website and/or social media platforms and could be shared with the university, agents, counselors etc.

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Please attach a Letter of Recommendation from a professor, employer or advisor in order to be considered for this opportunity.
I have carefully reviewed the Academic Merit and Engagement Scholarship Eligibility Requirements, Conditions and Selection Criteria. I authorize the UNH Global Student Success Program to check my academic and disciplinary records to verify that I have provided correct information by submitting this application. *
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