Feedback form for stake holders (+2 Principals/ Lecturers) to seek their views/ suggestions on service matters of School Education Deptt at +2 Level
Feedback is invited from in-service +2 lecturers, to seek their views/ suggestions for incorporating new service benefits which were either withdrawn or have been newly included as per the Classification shown below. A committee from Adm Deptt has been constituted to look into this. Before committee submits its report to the Adm Deptt, Director School Education Jammu, who is the Chairperson of the committee wants to have the feedback from all the stakeholders who are directly linked to this.
Note: All stakeholders who want to give their opinion on this are asked to provide their feedback through this form within seven days of publishing of this form.
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1. First Sevice matter
Removal of Pay Anamoly/ restoration of non-vacation status of Principals of +2 Level
2. Second Sevice matter
Time bound promotion/ Assured career Progression (ACP). Lectuerers/ Principals at +2 Level
3. Third Service matter
Notional Effect in Departmental promotional Committee Meeting
4. Fourth Service matter
Restoration of 40% (in-service quota) in higher education for Lecturers+2 Level.
5. Fifth Service matter
Placement of Lecturers as Sr Lecturers.
6. Sixth Service matter
Transfer Policy review.
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