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ACDA NextDirection is a signature event to identify and engage high school students who demonstrate choral leadership. NextDirection is designed to inspire them to a choral career and to provide an orientation and basic tools for taking the next step in the choral profession.

Please note that the ACDA Education and Communications Standing Committee is currently working with Wisconsin Choral Directors Association leaders to identify the key ingredients that make NextDirection the program that it is. Following that, this guidelines and the application/ approval process for other chapters interested in adopting the program will likely be revised.

If a state ACDA association wishes to host an ACDA NextDirection event, the following guidelines must be followed:

1. The state ACDA representative must notify Sundra Flansburg ( in the ACDA National Office of the state’s wish to host a NextDirection event and submit the attached form.

2. The state representative must have the following information before a formal request is made:
a. Specific location of the NextDirection event.
b. Dates of the NextDirection event.
c. The name/ email contact information of the Headline Conductors for the high school and collegiate portions of the conference. The ACDA state association should have assurances from the Headline Conductors that they are indeed available and willing to serve in this capacity should the event be approved by the ACDA National Office.
d. The amount of registration to be charged for the NextDirection event.
e. The amount of funds the ACDA state association has set aside to assist in covering costs beyond the registration fee charged to participants.
f. If the NextDirection event is being sponsored by an entity other than the ACDA state chapter, please list the sponsor and amount that has been pledged.
g. Tentative overview schedule with titles of sessions and conducting masterclasses.

3. Once the completed form has been submitted to the ACDA National Office, the request will be sent to the ACDA National Standing Committee for Education and Communication for examination.

4. Notification of approval or denial will be sent from the ACDA National Office.
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Proposed Event Details
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How much has the state ACDA chapter set aside to cover costs for this event, beyond the student registration fee? *
If applicable, please provide the name[s] of any additional sponsor[s] of this event, and the amount[s] of funds pledged: *
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