Cultural Learning workforce survey - organisations

The Cultural Learning Alliance exists to champion a right to arts and culture for every child. To do this we need a vibrant workforce to deliver cultural learning.

If you are employed or were employed in 2020 by an organisation, please fill in this survey of 19 questions about any redundancy risks or cuts to contracts for cultural learning in your organisation.

We will be running this survey again in April and July 2021 to track any changes to the workforce as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will share anonymised results with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to advocate for any support needed by the cultural learning workforce. If you are willing to fill in this form again in April and July please supply your email address.
What type of organisation do you, or did you work for in 2020? *
Name of your organisation
This will remain confidential and not shared. We are asking so we can record and not double count any responses that come from the same organisation.
Where is the organisation based? *
Approximately how many people are employed by your organisation in the UK? *
Is your organisation currently consulting on learning or education staff redundancies? *
If yes, how many redundancies are being consulted on?
Has your organisations confirmed or implemented any learning or education staff redundancies? *
If yes, how many redundancies have been confirmed?
In which job roles are the redundancies? (eg community, young people, schools)
Is your role being made redundant? *
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