Mischief Managed Creatures Application
All creatures are considered NPC and by submitting this form and being accepted you can roleplay ANY of the given creatures at anytime. By submitting this form you agree to the rules and regulations of NPC creatures as seen here http://mischiefmanagedsl.net/npc-creature-rules/ failure to adhere to these rules, players will be removed from the NPC group and lose the ability to play creatures.
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You can choose any creature accepted at MM.
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RP Sample
(While relaxing in your normal hangout, a student approaches, wand in hand, and looks like they might be up to some trouble. Upon further inspection, it seems they might be trying to place a trap for one of their classmates.) *Use only one of the suggested creatures to roleplay with*
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Please attach an image of your creature, use gyazo, imgur, tiny pic, etc.
(please make sure they follow our roleplay canon, and the rules given in the creatures descriptions.)
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