The Lord's Prayer Thy Kingdom Come
Five of our Michigan Lutheran church leaders discuss the stanza from the Lord's Prayer—thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven.
The world, the forces of evil, and my own sinful self. *
When we ask of God, "thy will be done," we are asking God to defeat all the forces of evil in the world and in ourselves that oppose God's will. Sharon Brenn talks about how she felt the devil hindering her in doing God's work by two things: 1) her own selfish inclinations and 2) natural forces in the world that could hold her back. Talk about evil forces you witness working in the world or in yourself that tear down the kingdom of God.
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This is where my life and God's will line up. *
Bishop Don Kreis shares the story of how he felt God calling him to be a pastor. He felt unhappy until he changed careers. What are some more ways God indicates you are obeying or disobeying God's will?
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04 The Lord's Prayer Thy Kingdom Come
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God's dream for me. *
Sister Nancy explains how we when we pray "thy will be done" we are asking God to show us God's desire for us, God's dream for us. What is God's dream for your life? What does God desire for you more than anything else?
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Questions for the Pastor
Please include any questions you have about this stanza of the Lord's Prayer or simply prayer in general.
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It is not just about me. It is about what God wants for my life. *
Pastor Heather talks about a time when God's will seemed scary and different from her own plans. Talk about a time when you or your parent took a risk to do what you believe God wanted for you to do.
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Perspective and surrender *
God's will is done without our prayer. Bishop Satterlee shares how praying "thy will be done" opens his heart to perceive God at work in the world. How do you experience God working God's will in your life?
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