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By submitting this form, our organisation commits to undertaking a specified CLC challenge. We will make our best effort to complete the challenge in the set schedule. We commit to participating in group meetings and sharing experiences and information with others in the same group, insofar as this does not infringe our intellectual property rights, trade secrets or competition guidelines. We understand that completing the challenge is first and foremost the responsibility of challenge participants and that active participation on our part is required. We understand that CLC will provide general support to the challenge group, but will not provide individual coaching, consulting or advisory to participants. Should outside consulting or advisory be necessary to complete the challenge, participants will obtain and pay for it themselves. We give CLC permission to publish our name in a public list of challenge participants and we commit to publishing a summary of the results. The contact person named on this form commits to being the primary contact point for CLC and other challenge participants. If the contact person is changed during the challenge process, we will notify CLC and other participants without delay.
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