Palouse COVID-19 "Request Support" Form
NO LONGER ACTIVE... I am sorry but Palouse COVID-19 is no longer active. You may find support using any of the resources listed below. 


Palouse COVID-19 Mutual Aid seeks to provide assistance to those affected by the coronavirus pandemic, especially those impacted by social distancing, self-quarantine, illness, and loss of work.

If you would like food or other supplies dropped off at your front door, please use this form. We can also provide caring phone calls to those who may be feeling lonely, depressed, or anxious during social distancing and self-imposed quarantine.

We are also now helping people get their vaccines. Need a ride? Need help finding an appointment? We can help!

We will try to fulfill all needs as expressed, as we believe as a community there are enough resources to go around. If this becomes unsustainable for our volunteers we will prioritize support for those most in need.  

***Additional resource list, we will continue to update this list and our FB page as services become available***


WHITMAN CO. residents in need of general food assistance who are able to drive/walk, we also recommend:
-Community Action Center Pullman. They are running Drive Through, food bank services, Wednesdays 11-1 & Thursdays 2-4.  350 SE Fairmont Rd, Pullman WA 99163,
-Food Not Bombs: FNB is doing drop-offs of donated food no questions asked--just call or text to schedule delivery (208)352-3442

PULLMAN families with public school students:
-Pullman Public Schools are offering Food Service to Families throughout school closures. See here for more information:

LATAH CO. residents in need of general food assistance who are able to drive/walk, we also recommend:
-Moscow Food Bank: Tuesday-Friday 2-4, 110 N Polk, Moscow.
The University of Idaho, Bruce Pitman Center- Loading Dock, 709 Deakin Ave, Moscow, ID 83843
Open Hours Available:
-Moscow U of I Mobile Food Pantry (OPEN TO ALL COMMUNITY MEMBERS):
1st Wednesday of Every Month from Noon-2pm
The University of Idaho, West of Rec. Center (Lot 108), 1000 Paradise Creek St, Moscow, ID 83844
-Food Not Bombs: FNB is doing drop-offs of donated food, no questions asked--just call or text to schedule delivery (208)352-3442

MOSCOW families with kids ages 1-18:
Students of Moscow School District may contact these school pantries
Russell Elementary- Monica Lyons,,  Stephanie Anderson, (208) 882-2715
Moscow High School- Diane Hicke,, (208) 882-259, Kacey Gergory- 208-874-2906

***Hey all! My name is Delaney Piper and I am the current digital organizer for these efforts. We're not officially connected to any organization (although I am an active member at the First Presbyterian Church, small-business owner/farmer of Hands & Hearts, and a WSU graduate student). I've put lots of this in motion with the help of my friends and fellow organizers, but we're committed to being a grassroots--neighbors helping neighbors kind of operation. Resources will go to those who make requests for aid. Feel free to reach out if you have further questions!

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This does not need to be a legal name. Add pronouns if wanted!
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How should we contact you?
Please include your phone number, email, and/or Facebook Messenger--give several options if possible.
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How many people are in your household?
Dietary Restrictions, Allergies, or Intolerances?
Halal, kosher, vegan, allergic to peanuts, lactose intolerant, gluten-free, scent sensitive, etc.-- this is important in case we're trying to substitute an item you asked for that's out of stock with something that is available.
What type of food do you want?
Clear selection
Grocery List
Items can be general like "milk," or specific like "a 24-pack os the purple Always brand overnight menstrual pads with wings." We will do our best to match your requests, but is we can't find something specific we may get you a similar substitute. We trust you to know your needs and we are committed to delivering without judgement.
Do you need someone to pick up your prescriptions for you? If yes, which pharmacy?
Please include a phone number/alternative contact option so we can reach you (this option is safer)-- OR-- include all relevant info here, like your legal name, date of birth, and the names of the medication. Know that Google forms are not secure and so phone communication (call or text) is preferable.
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Would you like to receive a "care-call"? If yes, when is best?
There is a small collection of people trained in compassionate listening ministry. We seek to care for the emotional and spiritual needs during a time when we may be feeling overwhelmed as individuals.These will be short-term and informal care relationships in order to provide quick and non-administrative connections.
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Want help getting a vaccine? Check all that apply.
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Do you have other needs or requests?
 We hope to adapt as the needs of our community change. We have just begun to offer bill assistance.
Will you be needing financial assistance to cover groceries/supplies (Up to $75)?
We are committed to provide for those in need, especially those who have/will lose wages from lost work. If you are not in financial need please consider donating money to support others. Give at out GoFundMe 
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Delivery Address:
What day and time do you need things by?
Please allow us 48 hours to respond to your request. We can't guarantee delivery times, but we can do out best.  
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Any additional specifications, comments, questions, accessibility needs, or drop off instructions?
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