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Thank you for taking interest in performing at our TFF 2019 dances! Please be sure you include a demo mix that is at least 60 minutes long. The Deadline for our submissions is set to JANUARY 1st, 2018. If chosen, you will receive an email between January 25th and February 1st 2019. Complete with instructions, all you need to know about your status as a DJ for TFF, and your terms of performance.


Selection is done at the discretion of the DJ Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator accordingly. We strive to find the best talent this community has to offer! Especially for this year, we do welcome our circuit veterans, but we also wish to bring in fresh talent as well as regional talent as well! Because of the limited slots we have available, we may not be able to book some people, regardless of talent or reputation. You are more than welcome to contact us for the nature of our decision. We wish to Equally showcase con circuit veterans, talented DJs from other region, local talent, and newcomers alike! Therefore we've made some changes to our booking methods that are first and foremost based off of your talent alone. Followed by experience, how many consecutive years someone's previously spent playing for TFF, region, and the music you wish to bring to us.

When we receive your demo, while it doesn't have to be a track for track plan of action, we want you to present to us the general sound, vibe, and skills you propose to bring to our event! IF you are seeking to go with the flow of the music and make your music choices based off of the vibe of the night, we are willing to take up to two alternate demo mixes (you may post links to them in the Style description section on this form) and make note of it! Alternatively, feel free to express your intended range as if you were doing it all in one set. (We're willing to take a demo like that that runs up to 2 hours long, but keep note that your time slot will be 1 hour max). Generally we are used to receiving House and Dubstep as well as Trap, but we want to hear it ALL! Not only the subgenres of EDM and UDM, but pop, hip hop, whatever. Surprise us!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact dance@furryfiesta.org or message @TripplesixWolf on Telegram.

Thanks a bunch!
Texas Furry Fiesta DJ Coordinator

Hey guys! This year I want to try something new to maximize opportunity. I have some contacts who are highly experienced in hosting room parties with a good reputation in pulling in a great attendance, while in my observations, maintained the utmost responsibility in making sure these events stay in compliance with all applicable laws as well as hotel regulations. Therefore I've thrown in an extra option on this form. We historically have had more great DJs submit demos than we had room to book them. SO! If you want, if we can't fit you on the line-up this year, I can happily forward your submission to these contacts. Please note that if we do this, it will be at their discretion. I cannot guarantee you will land it BUT I can at least get the ball rolling!

Best of luck! and thanks again!

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