Cover Reveal For Squirrel Mafia By Sharon C. Williams
L. D. B. Press Book Tours presents the Squirrel Mafia Cover Reveal Blitz on August 1, 2014.

Genre: Non-Fiction, Humor


We tend to think of squirrels as cute furry creatures that scamper around playing while looking for nuts. Yet I’ve a different outlook on these rodents from Hades.

As an animal lover, one who’s owned by eight birds, I’ve had the opportunity to observe a group of squirrels around my home here in the suburbs for the past year. The experience I’ve gained gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘little darlings.’

I offer you a unique perspective of the furry friends entangled within our everyday lives. Their antics and shenanigans have earned them the name of the Squirrel Mafia. This book chronicles my ongoing battle with these pesky little critters.
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