Online GIVE Student Registration Form 2020
Please complete this registration form in order to register your child for online GIVE sessions. GIVE is a nonprofit organization started and maintained by high-schoolers in 2010. We run a free tutoring program that caters to students from K-8. Due to COVID-19 limitations, all tutoring centers and services have been halted as of March 11, 2020. We are working to recreate our traditional services virtually using an application called BigBlueButton.
For more information, visit our website: or email us at


Saturday: Kindergarten/1st grade (10-11AM), 2nd grade (11AM-12PM), 3rd grade (1-2PM)
Sunday: 4th grade (10-11AM), 5th grade (11AM-12PM), 6th grade (1-2PM), 7th/8th grade (2-3 PM)

Once you signup, you will be contacted within the next two weeks to start tutoring. Thank you!
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