ANMPI 2018: Abstract Submission
1) You must register to submit an abstract. Your registration number needs to be submitted along with the abstract.
2) The format of abstract includes “title, author(s), affiliation and abstract text”.
The abstract text should be structured and include “ Objective(s), Methods,
Results and Conclusion”.
3) The fonts should be as followings: [Title: “Cambria-Bold” size :11], {Authors:
Cambria- Regular , size 10}, [Affiliation Cambria –Regular , size 8], and {Abstract
text : Cambria-Regular ,9}.The subtitles (objective(s), Methods ,Results and
Conclusion) should be “Cambria-Bold “Size :11.
4) Abstract should contain TEXT ONLY. No figure or table will be accepted.
5) No references are allowed for the abstracts.
6) Abstract should not exceed 2250 characters or approximately 300 words
(excluding Title, authors and affiliations ) and should be in length within one A-
4 size page.
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