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Spaceworks is non-curatorial—all creatives making work in New York City can apply.

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Terms & Conditions
Spaceworks strives to provide high-quality, affordable rehearsal space to all New York City-resident performing artists and their collaborators. Spaceworks’ ability to serve your creative practice is built on this agreement of Responsibility, Respect & Hard Work. By initialing by each section and signing below I attest I understand and agree to the terms herein. You can find these terms online at
1. I hold Spaceworks harmless and agree to a full unconditional liability waiver for Spaceworks and its partners. Spaceworks is not responsible for me, my guests or our stuff. I agree to take full responsibility for the safety and well-being of myself, my guests and our property while at Spaceworks.

2. I will not give my Spaceworks Card to another person. I will recommend my collaborators get their own Spaceworks Card. I will contact Spaceworks immediately if my Spaceworks Card is lost, stolen or damaged. I understand there is a $10.00 fee for all Spaceworks Card replacements.

3. I understand that I am responsible for letting my guests into Spaceworks and escorting them out. I will be the first to enter a Spaceworks facility before my reservation and the last to leave after. I will communicate with my collaborators and guests to make sure they all know how to get in touch with me when they arrive.

4. I will never prop open any door to or within a Spaceworks facility. I will contribute to a safe environment at Spaceworks and will not allow anyone inside a Spaceworks facility except for guests of my reservation.

5. I will notify Spaceworks if I expect more than 15 guests during my reservation.

6. I am responsible for all fees accrued in my Spaceworks Account. I will quickly settle all open balances.

7. I will keep my contact information in my Spaceworks Account current at all times. I will not share my login credentials with anyone and will contact Spaceworks if I suspect someone is using my Spaceworks Account.

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1. I will do my part to ensure everyone has a positive, productive experience at Spaceworks. I understand my actions directly impact those around me. I will lead by example and communicate these guidelines to my guests and collaborators.

2. I will respect other Spaceworks artists and renters. I will not enter a rehearsal space until the start of my reservation and will vacate the space before the end of my reservation. I will remain quiet in the hallways and communal spaces of a Spaceworks facility before, during and after my reservation. I will not loiter or use communal spaces as break-out rehearsal space or holding room.

3. I will make a mess at Spaceworks, then I will clean it up. I agree to restore the rehearsal studio to the condition (or better!) I found it in before the end of my reservation. I will return furniture to storage, sweep the floor of any debris and place all trash within designated receptacles. I will turn off the lights and close the windows after my reservations.

4. I will respect Spaceworks rehearsal spaces. I will not damage any equipment, restrooms, hallways, floors, walls, doors, windows or mirrors at Spaceworks. I will not bring food and drink inside Spaceworks rehearsal spaces—only water in a container with a lid. I will not touch any mirror or lean against, sit on or hang anything from a ballet bar or curtain at Spaceworks. I understand I will be held accountable for any damage to a Spaceworks facility committed by myself or my guests (or my guests of guests!).

5. I will notify Spaceworks if I notice any damage to Spaceworks. Even if it was committed by myself or my guests.

6. I understand there is a 72-hour cancellation policy. Spaceworks will provide a full refund for rehearsal reservations if I cancel online at least 72-hours prior to the start of a reservation (limited to hourly rehearsal reservations; ask Spaceworks for cancellation policy for all other reservations). All reservations become non-refundable and non-transferable within the no cancellation window.

7. Spaceworks reserves the right to enter a Spaceworks studio at any time. If Spaceworks staff or partners need to enter a rented studio we will try to provide 24-hour notice and knock prior to entering whenever possible.

Your answer
1. I will indulge my artistic practice regularly with pride. I will cultivate a disciplined work ethic to expand my natural talents, become stronger and work smarter. I will push the creative limits of my craft and challenge my body and mind to uncover new artistic frontiers while working at Spaceworks.

2. I will expect the best from my collaborators. I will push them to do their best work, support them when they are struggling and treat them with love and respect throughout.

3. I will forge new creative connections with other artists. I will be curious about other Spaceworks artists. I will be bold, introduce myself, talk to people and ask questions.

4. I will shamelessly promote the work I create at Spaceworks. I will carry the privilege and faith bestowed upon me and my artistic practice by Spaceworks with dignity. I will share what I am working on frequently by emailing and tagging Spaceworks in social media, @SpaceworksNYC.

5. The Subsidized Rehearsal Rate is intended exclusively for developing and creating artworks. I will notify Spaceworks if I intend to use the space for any other purpose.

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In order to begin making reservations, you will need to create a Spaceworks Account. Go to and fill out the short form. We will need to verify the email address you provide, so keep your eyes peeled for a verification email.
I have registered for a Spaceworks Account at
By entering my initials above and electronic signature below I claim I am at least 18 years old and have read and agree to the terms herein. Furthermore, I agree to share this agreement with my collaborators and enforce these terms. I understand that Spaceworks reserves the right to use any data collected from me for development and/or marketing purposes.
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Welcome to Spaceworks!
Spaceworks is a shared workspace centered around values of responsibility, respect & hard work. Pay it forward!

For questions, email or call (718) 408-8755 x 3. Feel free to make an appointment with us using this link:

Happy rehearsing!

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