Digital Transformation survey: mapping the opportunities for council collaborations
Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government and the Government Digital Service are doing a discovery to identify opportunities to invest in collaborative working. We want to find out what councils are planning to work on, or are in the early stages of discovery for, so that we can identify and support the formation of collaborative groups to develop shared user research, service patterns and solve technical problems once.
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What are your priorities for service transformation, enabled by digital technology over the next 18-24 months? Please include dates/timeframes where known.
By "services" we mean things provided to the public to meet needs, and support them in achieving an outcome. They may be provided by the council, or by a commissioned provider, or by a network of partners working collaboratively. By "digital" we include the use of data to understand needs and plan early interventions in systems, the use of digital services to enable access, reporting, applications and service requests, and the use of internet connected technologies in the home, on the move, and in the environment.
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What barriers might you need help to remove?
For instance commercial issues like suppliers not supporting integration, information governance issues affecting data sharing across partners, technical issues like lack of interoperability standards, capability issues like inability to source specialist skills. Please tell us the details of which suppliers, what information, which partners etc.
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What capabilities do you have to contribute?
If you participate in a collaboration with other councils and a central team, tell us in what areas you would be self-sufficient and/or able to share good practice with partners in the project.
What external technical support might you need?
E.g. UX/interaction design, API/integration design and development, technical architecture,
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Who will sponsor and/or lead your engagement with a collaborative project?
Name and job title
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What governance process do you need to go through in order to commit to joining a collaborative project?
Tell us whether you have delegated authority to make the decision to participate, or if you need to brief senior leaders, Members, Cabinet, elected Leader or Mayor.
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What examples of good practice could you share with the sector?
To help us highlight the kinds of activities and capabilities needed to deliver great digital services. Please include a link to a blog or summary of the project if available.
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What standards, common tools or components do you think would most benefit local authorities were they to exist?
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