IPOKRaTES Bedside-Teaching Seminar "Internal Medicine meets Dermatology" Innsbruck 2020
March 30th - April 3rd, 2020 at the Department of Internal Medicine and the Department of Dermatology at the Medical University of Innsbruck

Prof. Steve Mackey, Columbia University, New York, USA
Dr. Elizabeth Graef, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
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Seminar Fee
The fee for the seminar is EUR 135,00 (board and lodging not included).

Students from the Medical University of Innsbruck may be eligible for a EUR 40,00 refund through ÖH Medizin Innsbruck as long as sufficient funds are available (Weiterbildungsförderung: see skalpell.at -> Sozialreferat for details; Restrictions apply).

The seminar fee covers the expenses for flights and lodging of the visiting lecturers.

IPOKRaTES Students is a non-profit organization!

IPOKRaTES Students will select the participants based on the motivation and experience presented in their application. Cancellations cannot be refunded. You may however suggest someone to take your place.
Vaccination Document
In order to guarantee complete access to all wards, we will at a later point ask you for a copy of your vaccination status. Please note that common childhood vaccinations performed in Austria and Germany (measels, mumps, rubella, chickenpox - the latter may also be proven by anamnestic history) must be included. A vaccination against hepatitis B is also recommended.
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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email (innsbruck@ipokrates.com) or facebook (http://m.me/ipokratesinnsbruck)
Next Steps
After completing the application, you will receive a confirmation via email. Please allow some time for that. We will check your application for completeness first, before sending out the email confirming your application.
Due to the limited amount of available spots, this will not yet guarantee your participation in the seminar.
After participants have been selected (beginning of March 2020) you will receive a confirmation of your successful registration as well as our bank details.
Please make sure to transfer the fee prior to the deadline specified in said email, otherwise we will assign your spot to another applicant. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund your seminar fee in case of last minute cancellation.
Your slot in our seminar cannot be given to someone else without first consulting IPOKRaTES Students.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
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