IPAC 2022 Singapore Delegate Application
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A. Personal Information:
A1. Full Name : *
A2. Full name of parent / guardian (if you are under 16 years of age)
A3. Date of Birth *
A4. Age
A5. Identification No
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A6. Gender *
A7. Occupation
A8. Home Address
A9. Country of Residence *
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B. Your Dance / Music Profile
B1. How are you associated with Dance / Music *
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B2. Tell Us About Your Dance / Music Training
B3. How many years of formal training have you received ? *
B4. Do you have a formal graduation certificate for your dance / music training ? *
Please indicate the highest qualification you have obtained
B5. Details of your training *
Please share with us your Guru's name / Institution  Name / Country details
C. Please Select the Core Training Programme
C1. Please Select the IPAC 2022 Singapore Mastercalss  programme you would like to sign up for : *
C2. How did you hear about IPAC Singapore 2022 ? *
C3. Have you attended Dance India / IPAC before?   *
C4. If Yes, please indicate year attended
E. Terms and Conditions:
The organisers reserve the right to substitute the teaching faculty advertised or alter the programme, without prior notice to the participant in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse participant admission to its course without explanation to the participant.

Participants will lose their right to continue participation if they engage in unacceptable conduct.

While all reasonable precautions and information will be provided for participants to ensure a safe working environment, the organisers shall not accept responsibility for loss of property or personal injury during the course or outside of teaching hours.

Participants must make sure that they are physically fit to attend the course as they will be involved in at least 6-8  hours of training each day including dance and physical fitness.

The organisers have an Equal Opportunities Policy in place. These policies are invoked by inclusion in all of our activities.

For further info, please contact The Organisers
email: ipac@apsarasarts.com

F. Declaration
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